confessions from the other side of the camera lens

Recently, we posted a photo of me at Lake Crescent. The wind is blowing gently, and it’s one of those days that are just quintessential PNW. The lighting and mood are perfect for that “folk vibe” that people strive for. When we, as an audience, look through pictures online, we all stop at certain ones that just strike us –the wind is tousling hair and clothes just perfectly, and the expression is great, and omg that scenery! But, what I think most of us don’t realize when we look at these photos is the not so perfect or tranquil scenes that go on behind the camera. In a few of our photos from this shoot, I’ll be honest – it was kind of perfect. We drove around Lake Crescent on a road we’ve never taken, quickly finding that it wasn't a heavily trafficked area, and drove deeper into the forested area until we were basically cocooned by tall trees and lush ferns. It was just gorgeous in the foliage. While we stopped to take photos only one car passed, and it was incredibly quiet and peaceful. What the viewer doesn’t see, though, is that in some of these shots we’re being attacked by mammoth mosquitoes! Talk about the opposite of tranquility...

In the second set of shots where you can see the mountains in the background, we were at the Mt. Storm King area, which was definitely more crowded. There were deer grazing in the field in front of the ranger station, with tourist lined up all around taking photos. We passed this area and made our way to the dock. It was still pretty peaceful, as no one came down to the dock while we were there, but we certainly weren’t alone. The wind was blowing, and it was chilly! I had to hold my hat several times to keep it from blowing off my head. I think that element of realness is fun in these images. There are several where I’m holding the brim of my hat - there is a purpose to the poses in the photos… they weren’t poses at all!

In a world of social media, where we see only the select images that someone wants the audience to see, I think it’s easy to look at them and think… wow, why does it feel effortless for them and work for me? But, the reality is that it’s work for everyone. Sometimes the planets align, and you just get a good, steady stream of shots, but sometimes there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than you’d expect. Really, it keeps it more interesting though, and we end up having stronger images because of it. Anyway, with all of the push to get these perfected images out there, sometimes I think it’s just fun to be real. So, here’s our real moment. It’s work, but it sure is fun.



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