What's the deal with Stonehenge?

One of the activities we were most excited about while in England was visiting Stonehenge. The impressive structure made of stone and set in a mysterious circle has captivated the imagination of millions, including ourselves. Upon booking our stay in Bath, we promptly added the tour of Stonehenge to our activities list. Scarper Tours picks you up from the Abbey Hotel, which was conveniently located and a short walk from our hotel. The group was large enough for us to take two buses over to the stones, and both drivers/tour guides were very kind and helpful. The guide on our bus made the trip fun by being interactive (and also quite funny), along with pointing out interesting sites along the way. The drive lasts about an hour, and before you know it you've arrived. Here's a few items to consider with Stonehenge:

1. Stonehenge will be busy. We visited on a ridiculously cold day (no really, we almost froze to death), and it was still bustling with other visitors. Perhaps if you visited early in the morning, you'd find less of a crowd?

2. The Visitors Centre is a really nice set up! Here you can buy food or drink in their spacious cafe area, and a warm drink was definitely in order for us that day. Across from the cafe, you'll find the museum, where we spent a good amount of time. You can learn more interesting history and see architectural treasures found in the area!

3. Stonehenge is a shuttle bus drive away from the Visitor's Centre. We expected them to be closer to one another, but they're not. You'll line up and catch a shuttle (which arrives frequently) down to the stones.

4. The stones are pretty dang impressive! Think about heaving something so incredibly heavy into place prior to modern advances. But, really, how did they do it?!? Pictures you've seen your whole life will have potentially a grander image in your mind, but remember how heavy stone is. You can't get right up to the stones, but you're close enough to appreciate the detail and the magnitude of such a place. Wander around and marvel at how this was done and why.

We highly recommend Scarper Tours, as we feel it certainly enhanced our experience and also left the legwork to the professionals. If you're interested in using their services, their website is here. If you're in the area, don't miss an opportunity to see one of the true wonders of the world, the amazing mystery of Stonehenge.

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