Texas Hill Country Wine: Becker Vineyards Edition

Over the next couple of months, we'll visit Texas Hill Country wineries. It seems like more and more have popped up over the past few years, but which ones are worth a visit? Last weekend we visited Becker Vineyards and discovered that it is, indeed, worth the visit.

West of Stonewall, you'll find Becker Vineyards situated off of 290 on a small, old lane. It was crowded the day we visited, as we learned it was pick up day for members of their wine club who prefer to pick up their wine and enjoy the perks of membership. As I don't like crowds, we almost turned around, but we're so glad we didn't. The wine club members were on a different side of the facility than the non member tasting, and we were able to get right into the tasting. We shared a tasting for $20, which gets you 6 wines to try from their menu. The woman who poured our wine was knowledgeable and able to answer any of the questions we had. She helped us select the best wines for us, and we enjoyed the experience very much.

They'll be sure to tell you about wine club membership, and we did sign up for the 3 bottle membership. There are a couple of perks that came with that, outside of the biggest perk: the wine. We opted for pick up rather than shipping, because honestly coming out to the vineyards a few times a year sounded like a great plan to us.

After signing up for the wine club, we bought of bottle of the Primavera and took two glasses outside to enjoy. It was an incredibly beautiful overcast day with a high in the 70's. We sat in front of the stone building where we had our tasting (which is in a different building when it isn't pick up day), and chatted lazily. The atmosphere was perfect - there were a few tables full of people out in the grass - talking, laughing, and filling wineglasses. Fields were green, and the parking lot thinning out.

We definitely recommend Becker as one of the wineries to hit while you're out in the Hill Country. Here are a few of our favorites that we tried:

- Pinot Grigio

- Primavera Merlot (members only, we believe)

- '13 Cab

- Jolie Rose

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