Bath Boutique Stays - Our Home Away from Home

The very first thing I'll say in this post is that I wish we had taken better photos. This is an absolutely gorgeous property, and this link will take you to the Bath Boutique Stays page, where you'll see their photos and a walkthrough video. When we arrived in Bath, we were worn down, and I still felt pretty rotten from my illness in Italy. We were supposed to have two nights there, but were only able to stay one due to the illness, and the real camera never made it out of the bag. I felt so safe and relaxed once we made it to Bath, after feeling really quite scared and uncomfortable for days. For us, Bath (& these properties) feel like home, except prettier ;)

This was our 3rd time in Bath, and it was our 3rd time staying with Bath Boutique Stays, so you could say that we're fans. We originally found them because one of their properties was the home of Jane Austen and her family from 1801-1805, and although they no longer manage that property, here is a link to our post on it, should you be interested in viewing the photos or reading about our stay. After staying at that property, though, we knew that we would definitely stay with BBS again, even if it meant a different property - we weren't disappointed!

This property is The Old Crescent Bakery, and it's as cute as the name suggests. The front door drops you into the dining room, with the living room off to your left. Down the spiral staircase, you'll find the kitchen underground, along with the sitting area (you'll see below), and a bedroom. Back to the main floor, you'll note the additional staircase, which takes you to the beautiful bedroom we stayed in (also below), and the full bathroom. One more set of stairs takes you to the top level, which hosts two more bedrooms. All in all, about 12 people could sleep comfortably in the property, and BBS is known as great housing for a "Hen Party".

The decor is a mix somewhere between old and modern, and The Old Crescent Bakery has a crisp, fresh feel to it - somehow complementing, rather than offending the history and culture of the property. During our previous stays, we've always noted that the rooms are very well kept and clean, and this stay was no exception.

The Old Crescent Bakery was a short walk from the grocery store, restaurants, and shops. We decided to just park our rental car in a lot down the street, rather than deal with street parking, which worked well for us.

The morning we checked out, we had the pleasure of chatting with Marcus, who is the Managing Director. We met him once before, and he is a true gem - friendly and personable. He is also knowledgable about the history of the property and about Bath, and we learned a few things during our conversation - we could have stayed there all morning talking with him!

We've come to love properties that are smaller, that aren't just a huge hotel. Don't get me wrong, sometimes we definitely go that route, and there's nothing wrong with that. But, it's nice when you stay at smaller inns, B&B's, and properties like Bath Boutique Stays, where you feel like they actually care about you specifically, and care about your stay in a more personal way.

Whether you're traveling as a couple, a family, or a hen or stag party, I truly believe you'd be happy with this property. We are making plans currently to take my parents and sister to Bath (their first time!) at the end of the year, and we can hardly wait to be back in Bath, and back with Bath Boutique Stays!


Living Room


First floor bedroom

Watching Persuasion in bed, relaxing for the first time since before Italy, with a cup of tea. I can't tell you how happy and safe I felt in that moment.

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