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Writing is not my forte.  I will leave that to the wife.  However, I will give a brief preview of me.  I’m 34, bearded, simple, and free.  I have spent the last decade of my life attempting to find my place in this vast...


One day everything changed. Nothing was really different, except, well, that I was.  I had worked really hard in my career to get into the corporate life that I thought I wanted, but then I realized something important was missing...

Starry Night on Second Beach

This fall we had the wonderful experience of camping for the night down at Second Beach with some friends.  We are close friends with one of the party, but were meeting everyone else for the first time.  You never know what to expect in those situations, but we all got along beautifully, and we're so glad we joined them.  After parking and hiking down, we got settled in just in time for one of..... Read More

What's the deal with Stonehenge?

One of the activities we were most excited about while in England was visiting Stonehenge.  The impressive structure made of stone and set in a mysterious circle has captivated the imagination of millions, including ourselves.  Upon booking our stay in Bath, we promptly added the tour of Stonehenge to our activities list.  Scarper Tours picks you up from the Abbey Hotel, which was conveniently located and a short walk from our hotel. The group was large enough for us to take two ... Read More


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